2 States Novel PDF Free Download in English

2 State Novel PDF Free Download

This story is written by Chetan bhagat in 2009. This story is about two couples from different states in India. When Chetan bhagat quit his job then after he wrote this novel. He also wrote many novels like five point someone, Three mistakes of my life, one night the call center, etc. In this novel, he wrote about their life and about problems which were faced by them.

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2 States Novel Pdf Download

About writer-

Chetan Bhagat was born on 22 April 1974 in New Delhi. He was graduated in mechanical engineering from IIT Delhi. He also achieves many awards in his life. Bhagat wrote the script for movies like kick, Kai Po Che, half girlfriend. He also wins the Filmfare awarding 2014.

2 States Novel Summary and Review

This story is about a couple whose name is Krish and Ananya who were from different states of India, Punjab, and Tamilnadu. Both love each other and want to marry. They both face many problems with their families but still, they want to marry each other.

Story 2 state began in IIM Ahemdabad. Krish is a Punjabi boy and a girl Ananya was from Tamilnadu Chennai. Ananya was the best girl of the fresher batch. After some time they meet with each other and become friends. Then after a few months later, they both were thinking about their future life with serious plans for their wedding. One day Krish went to meet his girlfriend’s brother whose name was Manju at IIT tuition and want to convince her brother. Then he meets his girlfriend’s parents and convinces them by helping with their works.

When Ananya’s family convinced then he thinks about his family that how to convince his mother but when Ananya’s parents convinced Krish’s mother the problem comes between them. Krish’s mother’s relative doesn’t like this relationship and they don’t want that Krish to marry that Ananya only because she was from Tamilnadu.

2 state full PDF download free in English. After some time Krish cousin got married and in that marriage, both parents meet once with each other and Krish and Ananya make a plan to make a trip to Goa so their parents knew each other but again the problem comes between them that Ananya’s parents and Krish mother have a fallout with each other after which they leave and have decided that both families can never meet with each other and then Krish return home.

It is shown that Krish did not share any problems with their family and not on good terms with his father but when Krish’s father saw that her child was in pain he finally decided to travel to Chennai to meet Ananya’s parents and want to convince Ananya parents. After spending the whole day convincing Ananya’s parents he successfully convinced them and after a few times, Ananya and Krish got married.

At the end of the novel, Ananya giving birth to two boys and Krish said that the babies belong to a state called India.

2 State Novel Full PDF Download free

The movie was also made on this novel which was named as 2 states and it was released on 18th April 2014.

2 State Full PDF Download Free

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